June 6, 2007

Josh Wolf on The Colbert Report

Josh Wolf, a media activist and fellow SFSU alumnus, is going to appear on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report tomorrow night (June 12). I recommend tuning in, if only to see Josh and Colbert butt heads. Josh is very open-minded and progressive. He spent 184 days in jail for freedom of the press, and deserves our media attention.

I can just imagine Colbert's jokes about how Josh is a liberal tree-hugger, and I can't wait to see it live.

Hopefully, I'll post some comments about the show after the fact.

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MindFlare22 said...

I just watched the show and it was awesome. I agree completely with what Josh was doing. It seems like our freedom of expression has been coming under fire a lot as of late. Thanks for posting this. I just stumbled across your blog and thought I'd comment. I hope you'll take the time to stop by my site. Talk to you soon!