June 13, 2007

Josh Wolf on The Colbert Report, Part 2

Last night, Josh Wolf was the featured guest on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. Before the show aired, I set up my Comcast DVR to record the show, and I was surprised to see that the show's description was "Journalist Josh Wolf" (emphasis added). In the discussion about Josh Wolf and his judicial shenanigans, people disagree about whether Josh is a journalist, blogger, or regular person with no importance. Although Colbert referred to Josh as "controversial video blogger Josh Wolf", I think the cable guide's description was more fitting.

Josh was doing his thing on the Report last night. He stuck to his talking points like a pro, and didn't get flustered when Colbert did his Colbert schtick. Josh knew that Colbert's show is half joke, half serious, which made his interview less fun to watch because Colbert didn't get the best of him, but it's still good for Josh.

I guess Josh will have to add "media pundit" to his list of accomplishments now.

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